Friday 12 July 2013

Penang Bayan Baru One Precint Moo Cow Frozen Yoghurt

Froyo was a frequently seen dessert all over Singapore many years ago. Now, it has taken Malaysia by storm and recently Penang as well.

There are many "froyo" chains such as Tutti Fruitti, Fruuze and even Coffee Bean is selling it. Moo Cow is the latest addition in Penang.

Decorated with cute interior decorations and wall papers.

Something different from the other froyo outlets at least.

There are froyo and yoghurt cheese cakes. Unfortunately, cheese cake is sold out. Just order which flavour you want and head over the counter to add your topping.

One thing we are not sure why they only have dry toppings. No fresh fruits.

Nevertheless, they taste good.

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