Friday 5 July 2013

Penang Georgetown UNESCO Heritage Zone Wall Paintings

Apart from Bukit Mertajam, the Penang Island's Georgetown has much to offer as well. With the recent mural buzz, more and more tourists are curious about our dear city.

Penang's rich heritage all starts when Sir Francis Light came here to setup a settlement. The Church of Assumption is one of the religious building which was built by the original Penang settlers who followed Sir Francis Light to Penang.

Penang Georgetown Church of Assumption

Another person whom Penangnites should thank is Ernest Zacharevic. He is the artist who paints all the famous original wall paintings in Georgetown.

This children with the bicycle wall painting has become one of the most recognised wall paintings among international travellers including Hong Kong drama celebrity.

Another signature wall painting, a kid with motorcycle. Also a favourite among travellers. When we were there, we saw a group of professionals doing their commercial shooting.

After the original wall paintings became well known, local artists starts to add their own work of art. The brother and sister playing basket ball is one of them.

The brother and sister with swing is also another nice addition to the city.

Besides wall paintings, wire frame arts were also spotted around the same time as the original wall paintings appearance. Great works depicting our Penang's illustrious history.

Recently a local artist also set a feat by adding 101 cat themed wall paintings to various parts of Georgetown, Penang.

The Bruce Lee wall painting is definitely an interesting one.

Weekend is here. Enjoy walking around!

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